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Eavestroughs and rain water management blog

Gutter Protection – A Long-Term Investment


How exciting it is to buy a new home! Every new homeowner has a head full of projects to improve his or her property: renovate the kitchen, make a garden or paint the living room.  However, you will never think about checking the condition of your gutters! As they are often neglected, make sure to check whether they are well protected when purchasing a new home. If such is not the case, this could cause considerable damage to your property. You will then have to kiss your new HGTV kitchen goodbye! Here’s what you need to know.

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A Homeowner’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Autumn

Canadian homeowners are too often hostages to their own homes a few weekends per year, overwhelmed by a plethora of issues caused by the changing seasons. Dead leaves, winds, the cold weather and heavy rains all provide frustrating experiences that can cause a range of problems and headaches for those who only wish to enjoy October’s Sunday afternoon football. Continue →

Crossword – Answers

1- Barrel
2- Copper
3- Downspout
4- Zip
5- Sealant
6- Drip edge
7- Continuous
8- Aluminum
9- Bit
10- Valley
11- Ferrule



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5 Ways to Hang Gutters


Rain gutter installed with T-Rex continuous hanger.

There are several ways to install gutters, the method you choose will affect the gutter’s strength and protection.

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Watch how the T-Rex and the Gutter Clean System perform

Take a look at the T-Rex continuous hanger technology

While a standard installation with nails or hangers leaves the gutter open with weak spots, hooking it up with the T-Rex continuous hanger protects the gutter against leaves, debris, snow and ice. The perfect size of the perforations also offers the right balance between draining large amounts of water and protecting eavestroughs against debris.

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9 types of gutter protection. Which one is best for your home?

gutter-protection_perforated-metalNot all gutter protection systems are created equal! Depending on your needs and where you live, certain models will help efficiently drain rainwater via the gutters.

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Gutter Protection Designed for Heavy Rains in the Maritimes

Rain_gutter-guardEastern Canada is subject to very heavy rainfalls. It is therefore of the utmost important to opt for the right type of rain gutter protection in order to ensure that rainwater drains efficiently, without overflowing. Some gutter guards models are specially designed to let a lot of water through. Here are the specifications for gutter protection that allows for outstanding water drainage, as required in the Maritimes.

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Rain Gutter Protection Systems Best Suited for Canadian Winters


Rain gutter with the T-Rex continuous hanger.

Canadian winters are tough on gutters. As a result, homeowners are always on the lookout for new solutions to make their eavestrough system more durable. Leaf guards are often considered as an alternative as they also strengthen gutters while protecting them against leaves, snow and ice. As rain gutter protection systems don’t come in a one-size-fits-all model, some are better designed to withstand the added weight of ice and snow.

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Selecting rain gutter protection

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