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Eavestroughs and rain water management blog

Should you invest in the installation of a gutter system?

Purchasing a new home often comes with several responsibilities and a ton of projects. Whether you wish to improve the looks of your home or ensure its proper functioning, it seems that a gutter system is a must when it comes to draining rain water. Continue →

How to Prevent Ice Dams in Your Gutter System?


Over the course of a full Canadian winter, ice and snow buildups inside a home’s eavestroughs can range from light snow drifts to thick and compact ice blocks, putting the integrity of the whole system in jeopardy. Continue →

Disconnecting Gutters From The Sewer System


Disconnecting Gutters

For several years, Canadian municipalities have been part of a program intended to reduce the amount of water treated by water treatment plants. At the same time, they are helping to reduce the frequency of overflows that cannot be filtered at municipal stations and that would otherwise be discharged into nearby bodies of water. The program offers several solutions such as green roofs, porous asphalt, adding a retention pond and disconnecting gutters from the sewer system. Continue →

Getting your rain barrel ready for winter

rain-barrel-winterWinter brings with it a number of tasks that need to be taken into consideration to protect your outdoor equipment, and rain barrels are no exception. Without appropriate maintenance, your rain barrel could get damaged if water freezes in it or snow accumulates on top.

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Maintenance of a rain barrel attached to a gutter system


There are many advantages to having rain barrels, but they also require maintenance. Regardless of how you use the water collected from your rain gutters, you must clean your barrel to keep it in good condition and to provide clean water.

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