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Eavestroughs and rain water management blog

Should I Opt For A Heavy Gauge Eavestrough?


My installer recommended I get a 0.021-inch gutter, and told me the regular gauge won’t stand up to Canadian winters. What should I choose?

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3 Types of Major Damage Caused by Ice Build-ups


In the winter time, gutter systems are under severe strain. Not only can ice cause substantial damage to your gutters, but also your home. Since your home constitutes a major investment, it is important to protect it from damage caused by ice build-ups. Here are the main problems caused by ice build-ups in gutters.

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Benefits of the Continuous Hanger during Winter

Snow-top_T-RexWith our cold Canadian winters, gutters undergo a lot of stress due to harsh weather conditions. However, using the continuous hangerTM will protect your gutters against the depths of winter.

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The History of Rain Gutters: Timeline

England-Gutter-SystemEavestroughs aren’t new! What follows is a brief history of gutters through the ages.

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Crossword – Answers

1- Barrel
2- Copper
3- Downspout
4- Zip
5- Sealant
6- Drip edge
7- Continuous
8- Aluminum
9- Bit
10- Valley
11- Ferrule



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6 Factors That Affect a Gutter Quote

Gutter-QuoteMany homeowners can be confused when they need new rain gutters and must effectively analyze all quotes submitted. Differences in options and services can lead to price variations among bidders. Below are key eavestrough bid components:

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ABC of rain gutters






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What Type of Downspout to use with Fascia-Style Gutters

fascia gutterVery popular in Western Canada, fascia gutters differ slightly from traditional K-Style gutters. In fact, fascia gutters are smaller at the bottom and the gutter itself is higher.

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Rain Gutters: Only for the home?

Shed-garageMost homeowners agree on the importance of installing gutters on their homes, but what about garages, sheds and gazebos? Do they also need eavestroughs?

Here are the key benefits of installing a rainwater gutter system on all of the buildings on your property, not just your home.

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