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The secret to a green lawn

Every homeowner dreams of a beautiful and green lawn. They spend most of their time on it during spring and summer, while neglecting it during fall when winter is fast approaching. That being said, fall is actually a key season for working on your lawn. Therefore, it is essential to do more than just raking the leaves when caring for your lawn at that time of the year.

Fall is the ideal time to prepare the soil for the coming winter and the return of spring as grass absorbs a large amount of water and nutrients during winter. It also needs a large amount of potassium to help it get through the cold season. It is also the best time to get rid of weeds.

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Planting a garden: a project easier than it looks

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A green thumb is a real gift when taking care of plants, vegetables or fruits is unfamiliar territory. Planting a garden is always in the back of anyone’s mind looking out at their backyard, but it requires too much effort for some. However, it is rather easy to tackle. All you need is patience, time and the will to do it.

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Using your garage at its full potential

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Having a home and a family requires a lot of storage space. Up to a point where, often, even the basement and the shed are at full capacity. Yet we never think to use the garage. Tools, sporting goods, seasonal items and vehicle accessories are easily scattered in this space too often overlooked. Here are a few tips for the warm season to help you take full advantage of your garage storage space.

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