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Eavestroughs and rain water management blog

Ottawa Precision Eavestroughing: a major player in the gutter industry


Installing a gutter can be worrisome for new homeowners. This task may seem simple, but it can still lead to complications if it’s not performed appropriately. In such cases, the safest and most comforting option is to hire professionals. In the Ottawa region, Ottawa Precision Eavestroughing is a team of seasoned experts in the field of gutters, gutter protection, soffit, fascia and siding. Continue →

Kymar Gutters: making a difference, one client at a time

If you live in the vicinity of Langley, British Colombia, and are shopping gutters and downspouts, you need to call Kyle Chester! Owner of Kymar Gutters Inc., Kyle has been a gutter installer for the past 30 years. His small family business boasts a custom service, which means that your call will never be answered by a recorded menu. Kyle and his team are passionate people who take pride in providing a courteous service to each of their clients.

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Planting a garden: a project easier than it looks

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A green thumb is a real gift when taking care of plants, vegetables or fruits is unfamiliar territory. Planting a garden is always in the back of anyone’s mind looking out at their backyard, but it requires too much effort for some. However, it is rather easy to tackle. All you need is patience, time and the will to do it.

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New color for the T-Rex Continuous Hanger : carbon black

When purchasing a home, new owners want their house to look as good from the outside as it does inside. To that end, Alu-Rex is now offering the T-Rex continuous hanger in carbon black. The perfect solution for homeowners looking to match a dark continuous fastening system to dark gutters.

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Using your garage at its full potential

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Having a home and a family requires a lot of storage space. Up to a point where, often, even the basement and the shed are at full capacity. Yet we never think to use the garage. Tools, sporting goods, seasonal items and vehicle accessories are easily scattered in this space too often overlooked. Here are a few tips for the warm season to help you take full advantage of your garage storage space.

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Choosing the right water heater for your energy needs

For a few years now, Hydro-Québec has been raising its clients’ awareness about energy consumption. The state-owned company offers various tips to use less electricity. The most energy-consuming items in a home are undoubtedly heating and water heaters. The impact of your criteria for selecting a water heater can be crucial for your wallet over the long-term, which is why it is important to choose the right model and to know one’s consumption habits.

There are 4 types of water heaters: gas, thermodynamic, solar and electric. Electrical water heaters are the most recommended as they require little maintenance and are the smallest of the four, in addition to not making any noise.

Knowing your hot water consumption

Once you’ve selected the right water heater for you, it is important to know how much hot    water your household uses. Experts agree on the fact that the tank should not be too small, otherwise it will not be sufficient to meet your family’s needs, especially at peak hours. Conversely, it should not be too large or it will use up too much energy for the use actually required.

By looking at your lifestyle habits, you will be in a position to determine whether your household consumption is high or normal. A home with a high consumption usually has a spa or a deep tub for example. The number of showers taken in a day and the number of loads of laundry using hot water also influence consumption. 

For a family of 4, it is recommended to opt for a 60-gallon tank for a normal consumption and 80 gallons for a high consumption. Children, especially teenagers, use a lot of hot water because they often take long showers.

Water heater durability and efficiency

There are different quality grades when it comes to electric water heaters: basic and high-end models. The higher the quality, the longer your water heater will keep its warmth and the lower its energy consumption will be. The room where it is located will also affect performance. If you keep your water heater in a very cold room, it will lose heat quicker than if it were in a heated room. Certified “Energy Star” systems are more energy-efficient, which means that they will help reduce your power bill.

Warranties covering electric water heaters

Electric water heaters come with various warranties, based on their quality level. Electrical systems are usually guaranteed for parts, leaks, the heating elements and for the accuracy of the thermostats. For basic models, the warranty extends over 6 years for leaks and 1 year for parts, most of the time. Higher-quality models come with a company warranty that can go up to 12 years.

It is important to keep in mind that, before choosing a water heater, you must know your family’s lifestyle habits and the appliances used in the home. To save energy, choose a quality system that will remain warm longer and install it in a room where it’s not too cold. For the Québec market, electric water heaters are recommended above all other models as they don’t take up much space, don’t make much noise and require little maintenance.

Replacing your roof: 3 clues that don’t lie

Purchasing a home comes with many aspects, which is why it is important to plan for and prepare for possible problems. As is the case with home foundations, the roofing structure is key in preserving your home. Vigilance is crucial in this case if you wish to prevent water infiltration and mold, which could spread to the attic and the structure of the house. Avoiding these inconveniences means avoiding staggering costs, hence the importance of knowing when to replace your roof.

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Gouttières Laurentides: a family affair

Doing business with an established company for installing your gutters is essential. Gutters play a key role in protecting your home. Preventing water infiltration and the presence of mold in the structure of a residence is not a luxury for homeowners. Gouttières Laurentides is a leader in gutter installation; efficiency, reliability and affordable prices are the cornerstone of its business.

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What is the difference between gutter, soffit and fascia?

Québec’s changing weather requires specific and durable installations. Without a gutter, your residence runs the risk of dealing with water infiltration problems. Without soffit and a fascia board, mold can grow in the attic. It is therefore important to distinguish these three elements if you wish to integrate them properly into your home.

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Cedar hedge: 3 reasons to opt for it around your property

When purchasing a home, it is often necessary to delineate one’s property. Installing a fence can be costly, tedious and unattractive. Another possibility is to opt for a cedar hedge. It’s an option that is attractive and durable, and which requires very little maintenance considering the visual effect it produces. Although a cedar hedge may seem like a long and difficult project to undertake, it is easier than you might think. It’s actually a good way to delineate your property.

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