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Eavestroughs and rain water management blog

T-Rex Performance Timelapse: Behind the Scenes


The Alu-Rex marketing team spent several months creating a video that shows the various water, debris and ice drainage cycles of the T-Rex® continuous hangerMC. We are pleased to announce that the result speaks for itself: the product successfully protects gutters from even the worst weather. It is always surprising how many hours of work, and how much trial and error, are required for just a few minutes of video. Continue →

Should I Opt For A Heavy Gauge Eavestrough?


My installer recommended I get a 0.021-inch gutter, and told me the regular gauge won’t stand up to Canadian winters. What should I choose?

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Gutter Protection – A Long-Term Investment


How exciting it is to buy a new home! Every new homeowner has a head full of projects to improve his or her property: renovate the kitchen, make a garden or paint the living room.  However, you will never think about checking the condition of your gutters! As they are often neglected, make sure to check whether they are well protected when purchasing a new home. If such is not the case, this could cause considerable damage to your property. You will then have to kiss your new HGTV kitchen goodbye! Here’s what you need to know.

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Winter-Shield: Saving Canadian Gutters!


Cover, shelter, protect, wrap up… those are all verbs that define only too well our harsh winters. We spend an inordinate amount of time bracing up for snow accumulations and intense cold: car tempo shelters, Styrofoam casings for shrubs, protective tarps for the lawn. Year in, year out, the same ritual takes place.

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