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Ten years ago, when Hank Aarsen, owner of Aarsen Gutters, created a family business to provide gutter installation and maintenance services, he had only one thing in mind: premium services to clients. Today, he can proudly say his mission has been fulfilled.

Perfectionist down to the smallest detail

Located in Nanaimo, British Colombia, Aarsen Gutters specializes in eavestroughs only, which has allowed the company to develop significant expertise over the years. With over 3,500 projects and as many satisfied customers, Hank and his team enthusiastically and passionately meet new clients everyday and provide them with the best gutter installation and maintenance services on the market. They take the time to assess the state of a residence before advising clients on the options best suited to their particular situation. They recognize that every home is different and each comes with its own unique set of characteristics and challenges. Such customized and thorough services have allowed for the creation of installation procedures that serve to improve the structure of gutters while preserving their appearance.

Aarsen Gutters has been using Alu-Rex’s trusted products, the T-Rex™ continuous hanger as well as the Gutter Clean System™ from its inception. Thanks to the Alu-Rex ELITE certification, Aarsen Gutters’ installers have the required know-how to ensure impeccable work. Hank understood very quickly that the quality of a product alone was not a guarantee of satisfaction: installation had to be performed with the same criteria of excellence. Determined to eradicate problems related to obstructions and eavestroughs not doing what they should be doing, Hank revisited the conventional way of installing gutters in order to optimize performance. Using his new technique, he even managed to solve problems experienced by customers who had had Alu-Rex products poorly installed by other companies. Moreover, by ensuring that gutters are properly installed, the company makes sure that the manufacturer will never even have to honor the warranty on its products.

Each client counts

Just take a quick look at Aarsen Gutters’ Facebook page and you’ll realize how much the company values the human aspect of its work. Hank shares company projects and accomplishments with honesty and transparency (and sometimes even with a few concerns), and its client base shows gratitude in return. Establishing a relationship of trust with each of its customers is a top priority for the company and Alu-Rex’s products couldn’t be in better hands.

Working your way into the industry and building a solid reputation requires a lot of persistence and determination, but as Hank himself puts it, “you do things right or you don’t do them at all.” Aarsen Gutters is the perfect example of a small family business passionate about reaping the fruits of their efforts, one satisfied client at a time.



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