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Making outdoor fires is one of the best ways to enjoy your yard. To make this activity both safe and aesthetically pleasing, your best option is to build an outdoor fireplace. Below are some recommendations on buying or building a fireplace for your yard.

Fireplace styles and designs

Before choosing suitable materials for your fireplace, it is best to look into design options and decide how prominent it should be. An outdoor fireplace can consist of a simple area fitted for fires, but it can also be the centerpiece of your yard with a hearth and a unique chimney. Your needs and preferences will define the most appropriate type of fireplace and help you select materials.

Choosing the right size for your fireplace

The size of your yard or patio will greatly influence your choice. Making sure that the fireplace is not disproportionately large is important to ensure the good general balance of your landscape design. It is also important to check the municipal by-laws in force before building your fireplace, such as the minimal distance to a residence, fence or shed. A spark arrestor is often mandatory.

Choosing the right style to match your landscape design

It is important to consider what type of fireplace you wish to have. Its visual appearance will greatly depend on whether you prefer a wood or gas fireplace. Wood fireplaces are usually equipped with a chimney.

Materials for outdoor fireplaces

Once you have decided on the type of fireplace, you must select from which materials it will be made. These materials will also influence the look and use of your fireplace.

Natural stone fireplaces

Fireplaces made of natural stones are long-lasting. They also generally fit rather well with most kinds of houses. Looks and colors will vary depending on the type of stone selected, and so will the price. Natural stones are very elegant and represent a material of choice for fireplaces.

Brick-built fireplaces

Bricks are available in a wide range of colors and give a classic look to any outdoor fireplace. Since they don’t absorb fats and oils, bricks are quite easy to clean. They are also among the least expensive materials for outdoor fireplaces.

Stainless steel fireplaces

Stainless steel is getting increasingly popular, especially in more modern designs, and is now often found in people’s backyards. Steel is a lasting and environmentally-friendly material which doesn’t require much maintenance and resists harsh winter conditions.

Cast iron and copper fireplaces

Very popular materials for movable fireplaces, cast iron and copper are both lasting and aesthetically pleasing. They will also bring a rustic charm to your yard.

You are now ready to start shopping for the perfect outdoor fireplace for your property!

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