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Help Mr. Gutter, my Gutters are Overflowing!

As part of the Alu-Rex team, I am now known as the gutter “specialist” among my friends. It was thus no surprise to me when I got my first text message some time ago about a friend dealing with clogged gutters. Without a moment’s hesitation, I went on location to complete this first assignment at […]

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2 Tricks to Remove Moisture from your Basement


Problems caused by moisture in the basement can become major issues if not addressed promptly. Indeed, moisture that goes unnoticed in the basement can result in unpleasant odours and warped floors. Here are a few tricks to avoid this problem.

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Getting Your Paving Stone Ready for Winter


Although paving stone patios requires very little maintenance, you still need to prepare them to ensure they make it through the winter unscathed. Follow these five easy steps to have a beautiful interlocking stone patio come spring.

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