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Rain Gutter Protection

T-Rex Performance Timelapse: Behind the Scenes

The Alu-Rex marketing team spent several months creating a video that shows the various water, debris and ice drainage cycles of the T-Rex® continuous hangerMC. We are pleased to announce that the result speaks for itself: the product successfully protects gutters from even the worst weather. It is always surprising how many hours of work, […]

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Prevent vermin from entering your home this fall

Now that the cold weather is fast approaching, we love to take refuge in the comfort of our own home. But we’re not the only ones! Indeed, unwanted critters sometimes want to be able to enjoy the warmth of our home too. Before you need to call pest control, start with prevention. Here is a […]

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Gutter Protection – A Long-Term Investment

How exciting it is to buy a new home! Every new homeowner has a head full of projects to improve his or her property: renovate the kitchen, make a garden or paint the living room.  However, you will never think about checking the condition of your gutters! As they are often neglected, make sure to […]

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A Homeowner’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Autumn

Canadian homeowners are too often hostages to their own homes a few weekends per year, overwhelmed by a plethora of issues caused by the changing seasons. Dead leaves, winds, the cold weather and heavy rains all provide frustrating experiences that can cause a range of problems and headaches for those who only wish to enjoy […]

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Winter-Shield: Saving Canadian Gutters!

Cover, shelter, protect, wrap up… those are all verbs that define only too well our harsh winters. We spend an inordinate amount of time bracing up for snow accumulations and intense cold: car tempo shelters, Styrofoam casings for shrubs, protective tarps for the lawn. Year in, year out, the same ritual takes place.

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Carefree Gutters (Almost)!

At Alu-Rex, we firmly believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on the durability of the T-Rex® continuous hanger and the T-Rex® XL continuous hangerTM. Alu-Rex provides you with the best gutter warranty on the market. With the T-Rex® continuous hanger, your gutters will remain clog-free and […]

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