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Rain Water Management

A Homeowner’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Autumn

Canadian homeowners are too often hostages to their own homes a few weekends per year, overwhelmed by a plethora of issues caused by the changing seasons. Dead leaves, winds, the cold weather and heavy rains all provide frustrating experiences that can cause a range of problems and headaches for those who only wish to enjoy […]

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Disconnecting Gutters From The Sewer System

For several years, Canadian municipalities have been part of a program intended to reduce the amount of water treated by water treatment plants. At the same time, they are helping to reduce the frequency of overflows that cannot be filtered at municipal stations and that would otherwise be discharged into nearby bodies of water. The […]

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Help Mr. Gutter, my Gutters are Overflowing!

As part of the Alu-Rex team, I am now known as the gutter “specialist” among my friends. It was thus no surprise to me when I got my first text message some time ago about a friend dealing with clogged gutters. Without a moment’s hesitation, I went on location to complete this first assignment at […]

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Prevent Water Problems near Home Foundations thanks to Landscaping

Several signs indicate that you may have water problems near your home foundations. Water falling directly near home foundations is not an issue to be taken lightly as it can lead to awful black lines on the ground, rotten window frames, water infiltration into the basement, or termite and ant problems. However, landscaping can greatly […]

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5 Different Types of Rain Barrels

Rain barrels serve many purposes. In addition to being environmentally friendly, practical and economical, they can also be pleasing to the eye. Here are the main types of rain barrels currently available on the market.

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Getting your rain barrel ready for winter


Winter brings with it a number of tasks that need to be taken into consideration to protect your outdoor equipment, and rain barrels are no exception. Without appropriate maintenance, your rain barrel could get damaged if water freezes in it or snow accumulates on top.

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Installing a rain barrel: Tips and advice


You want to install your very own rain barrel? Don’t forget that there are a few rules to follow in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The location of the rain barrel, the way it has been installed and the maintenance work performed are all factors that will allow for efficient rainwater management.

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Solutions to divert water near foundations

From time to time, downspouts may lead water too close to the foundations, which may become a serious issue as it drastically increases the likelihood of water infiltration in the foundations. In addition to potentially destroying your plant beds. Resolve this issue by leading water farther away from your residence.

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Benefits of adding rain barrels to a rain gutter system


Increasingly popular, rain barrels are a great addition to the landscape design and Eavestrough system of countless Canadian homes. From simple to more complex rainwater collection systems, people everywhere are more and more concerned with adequately managing rainwater on their property. To that end, below are several good reasons why you should install rain barrels […]

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