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There are many reasons why homeowners should install leaf guards on their gutters. They keep debris and pests out so gutters work properly. Some especially rugged leaf guards can even reduce damage caused by ice and snow. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a leaf guard for your home:

Amount and size of debris inside your rain gutters

All leaf guards keep debris out of gutters. Gutters will work as designed even if there is debris on the leaf guard. Some models even protect against clogging. And depending on the size of the holes in the leaf guard, some debris may get into the gutter. Leaf guards come with everything from large holes to micro-mesh. If you have a lot of small debris on your property (pine needles, maple keys, small leaves), you need a leaf guard with small holes. But the smaller the holes, the slower the water will flow into the gutter.

Water flow rate coming from the roof


For homes with steep sloped roofs and homes that get heavy rainfall, it is important to go with a product with larger holes. You need to find a happy medium between debris protection and water flow rate. And remember, products that tilt backward slightly or have a roll-back front edge prevent water from overflowing.

Snow and ice build-up on top of the leaf guard


Snow and ice are very heavy. The strength of a leaf guard depends on how it is built and what it is made of. Aluminum products are usually designed to bear heavier loads than plastic models, and screwed-on leaf guards will stay in place better than products that are simply laid in place. Keeping snow and ice out of gutters extends their life and prevents water from seeping into the home when snow melts.

Installation of the protection on the rain gutter


All products are installed differently. Some leaf guards can be installed by the homeowner, while others have to be installed by a professional. Some models are installed using screws, while others do not require any tools for installation. If you’re handy and want to install your leaf guard yourself, there is a wide range of products to choose from.

To select the right leaf guard for you, consider the size of the debris in your gutters, how much rain and snow you get, and how you want your leaf guard to be installed. No product is perfect, but there are a number of good options to choose from.

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