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snow-ice-melting-inside-eavestroughsFall is coming to an end, but there are still chores on your to-do list? No problem! There is still time to clean your gutters even if the first snow has come and gone.

Unclog your eavestroughs before the snow melts

While it may seem useless to empty your gutters once the snow has started to fall, this is not the case. If your gutters are still clogged come spring, the water produced by the melting snow and ice will have no choice but to overflow onto the ground near the foundations, into window wells, where it can enter through the basement, or flow back up to the fascia. Thus, clogged gutters in spring pose a risk of costly water infiltration in the basement or in the fascia and roof.


Clean your rain gutters effectively

Effective cleaning involves more than simply emptying your gutters. It also means making sure the downspout is in good working order. You may have to disassemble the elbow of the downspout in order to remove an obstruction. If you are uncomfortable climbing a ladder or find your gutters are too high, feel free to enlist the help of a gutter cleaning or installation company.

Install a gutter guard once your gutters are clean

Once your gutters have been cleaned and unclogged, it is the perfect time to install a gutter guard. Whether you want to install it yourself or prefer to call a professional, we have the right product for you! Moreover, installing a leaf guard in the fall will save you the future hassle of having to clean your gutters and will keep them functional year-round.


Get your ladders and toques! There is still time to empty your gutters, even if it’s already snowing!

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