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Several factors can influence the total cost of installation. The most important element is the difficulty level of the installation. Moreover, as each company is independent, prices may vary from one installer to another.

Difficulties with the installation of rain gutters

Prices will vary significantly with the type of residence on which the eavestroughs are installed. The price of installation will go up as the difficulty level goes up. For instance, an installation on a one-story residence with only a few corners should be less costly than an installation on a two-story house with several corners and turrets.

Rates set by the installer

That being said, professional installers of Alu-Rex products are independent contractors, which explains why prices may vary based on their own assessment of the work required. Make sure to ask for a quote beforehand. It’s usually free. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to request quotes from more than one installer. It’s a great way to secure the best price. We can also locate specialized rain gutter installers working in your area.

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