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Team_DAngelo-&-SonsD’Angelo & Sons has specialized in roof installation and exterior finishing for more than 38 years. The company, which offers its services in Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga and Kitchener, is known for its quality workmanship and affordable prices.

Increase the service life of your gutters with the T-Rex continuous hanger

The D’Angelo & Sons team, which has been using Alu-Rex products since the very beginning, always recommends the T-Rex for the installation of new gutters because it is the best product on the market and there are very few complaints or problems. The T-Rex helps reinforce any gutter system, thereby increasing its service life. This product is perfect for homeowners who want their gutters to last!

Prevent leaves from clogging your gutters

D’Angelo & Sons offers Alu-Rex gutter protection products to all customers who live in an area with lots of trees. The Gutter Clean System leaf guard reduces gutter upkeep by keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters. This outstanding product saves our customers the hassle of climbing a ladder to clean their gutters!


Meeting the needs of customers at a reasonable price

Whenever a customer complains about having to clean their gutters, D’Angelo & Sons is proud to offer Alu-Rex products, especially if there are lots of leaves, pine needles or debris to remove. The D’Angelo & Sons team has the satisfaction of knowing that it can propose, at a reasonable price, a product that will save its customers from having to clean their gutters while perched on top of a ladder or paying to have it done by a cleaning crew each year!

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