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Irrespective of the time you may spend on gutter maintenance, if your downspouts are not functional, the whole system will be inefficient. It is thus paramount to make sure that your gutters drain rainwater adequately.

Eavestrough downspout cleaning

Don’t forget to clean downspouts and gutters alike. As is the case with the whole system, downspouts do need to be cleaned a few times per year. Make sure that there is nothing that would prevent water from being drained adequately so as to avoid any overflow. Indeed, any overflow may result in water infiltration in the roof structure and the foundations. Consequently, it is essential to pay careful attention to the condition of your downspouts. Downspouts need to be unclogged in the wintertime as any water left will freeze and damage the downspout as weather changes.

You may need to unscrew the elbows to remove debris. A pressure washer or a plumber snake may also be used to remove dead leaves. If you wish to avoid performing these tasks on a regular basis, you might want to opt for a leaf guard that will prevent clogging and reduce the need for cleaning to a minimum.

Rain gutter downspout extensions usage

In the event that all downspouts are linked to an underground drainage system (e.g., French drain), it is strongly recommended to remove them from such installation in order to avoid nasty surprises. Very often, especially when rain gutters are not equipped with an efficient leaf guard, downspouts may have a tendency to get clogged. If on top of that they are linked to an underground drainage system, there is a strong likelihood that underground connections will get clogged, not to mention that excavation work will be required to unclog them.

On the other hand, if your downspouts are not linked to a drainage system, it may be useful to install downspout extensions. The latter come either as flow plates or actual extensions and allow diverting water away from the residence, which is extremely useful when it comes to reducing the risk of water infiltration in the foundations and preserving plant beds. There are several models available depending on the type and length of the extension you wish to purchase.

In conclusion, downspouts also require careful maintenance so as to reduce the risk of water infiltration. If you are trying to avoid getting your hands dirty in that department, you may hire any industry professional for the cleaning of your downspouts and the installation of extensions.

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