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The T-Rex continuous hanger was not always named after the most dreaded dinosaur! In fact, the great M-5200 was first marketed under different names before becoming known as the most robust in the industry: the T-Rex!

Beginnings: the M-5200 Gutter Clean System


By creating the M-5200, Stéphane and Guy Brochu intended to reduce the installation time of the M-5100 gutter protection system. Used for replacing nails or hangers as well as for gutter protection all at once, the M-5200 was a small revolution in itself!

However, Alu-Rex used to sell all of its products under the name “Gutter Clean System.” Consequently, this new product naturally became known as the Gutter Clean System M-5200.

A new terminology: the continuous hanger


Following a business trip to Europe to market their new patented invention, Alu-Rex’s owners received confirmation that the installers not only perceived the M-5200 as a gutter protection system, but also as a continuous hanger that made gutters super solid. In order to reflect this change in commercial positioning, they renamed their product accordingly! The M-5200 thus became advertised as the Fixa-Tech system!

The T-Rex era: foolproof robustness and a name that can hold its own

Although the term “fixa” was initially meant to underline the function of the product, it was more of an abbreviation for the French verb “fixer” (to hang); hence the name Fixa-Tech was never fully bilingual! In fact, English-speaking customers rather associated the term “fixa” with the verb “to fix” which means to repair. Therefore, since the name Fixa-Tech did not convey the desired message, Alu-Rex decided to change it!

The owners were keen to have Alu or Rex in the name as it was the company’s flagship product. They then immediately thought of the T-Rex, a symbol of power, strength and robustness, perfectly fitting the already strong brand image of the M-5200 continuous hanger!

The continuous hanger was then marketed under the name of the dinosaur king. T-shirts, inflatable dinosaurs and energy drinks bearing the image of the now infamous Alu-Rex T-Rex were used at the launch of the new product name!


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