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How exciting it is to buy a new home! Every new homeowner has a head full of projects to improve his or her property: renovate the kitchen, make a garden or paint the living room.  However, you will never think about checking the condition of your gutters! As they are often neglected, make sure to check whether they are well protected when purchasing a new home. If such is not the case, this could cause considerable damage to your property. You will then have to kiss your new HGTV kitchen goodbye! Here’s what you need to know.


proprioWe suggest using a continuous fastening system to be installed at the same time as your new gutters. Gutters equipped with the T-Rex® continuous hangerTM are closed and seamless. Unlike an installation with nails or hangers that leave eavestroughs open and weak, gutters installed with the T-Rex continuous hanger are the strongest on the market. The T-Rex has been designed using a proven technology. There are no weak points as the weight is spread along the entire length of the gutter. It can even support the weight of three grown men!


Selecting the T-Rex is opting for peace of mind. Indeed, this continuous hanger will extend the service life of your gutters as they won’t get bent out of shape due to freeze/thaw activity or damaged by the added weight of snow. Finally, the product comes with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects, no less!


Homes dating back a few years often have mature trees on their land. To avoid clogs caused by leaves and debris, we suggest using the Gutter Clean System®. This leaf guard will prevent water infiltration and keep debris from penetrating inside your gutters, thereby remaining functional year-round.

Thanks to the FlexSealTM technology, a unique, patented strip of polymer completely seals the back of the gutter. This product has a high price-quality ratio and comes with a 40-year no-clog warranty.



For gutters that are extremely damaged or warped, most installers will recommend removing the entire gutter system and replacing it with a new one. At such point, installing new gutters with a continuous hanger is strongly recommended for eavestroughs that will last for decades.

Now that you know more about gutter protection, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to have your new gutters installed. You can find a list of certified installers here.

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