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Gutter-CleaningGutters have the most work to do to protect your home in the fall. During heavy rains, gutters drain water from the roof to prevent water from seeping into the basement.

Here are some steps you can take at the end of summer to ensure your gutters work efficiently when fall arrives.

1- Remove leaves and debris in the gutter

Debris such as pine needles and leaves from nearby trees often find their way into your gutters. This debris causes clogs and prevents rainwater from draining effectively. The gunk needs to be removed before fall rains start. A clogged gutter often leads to roof leaks when water rises toward the fascia board, or leaks in the basement when water overflows near the foundations.

2- Ensure your gutters drain rainwater effectively

Removing debris is not enough. It is important to ensure that your downspouts and drain pipes are performing effectively. A foolproof way to ensure your downspouts are free of debris is to insert a garden hose into the downspout from above while keeping the water running. You can also install a gutter guard to help prevent water infiltration.


3- Install a gutter guard

To keep your gutters clean and working at peak efficiency throughout the winter, nothing beats installing an effective leaf guard! In addition to preventing water seepage and stopping debris from forming clogs, gutter guards add strength by protecting against warping caused by the freeze-thaw cycle of snow and ice.

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