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It is often possible to breathe new life into old gutters. This time, Alu-Rex proposes a smart solution for gourmets. The ideal project for small spaces. Do as we do and add flavor to your summer dishes.

Location and drainage                                

Start by selecting a solid and sunny location. Our gutter is temporarily fastened with pivoting hangers fixed to a solid wooden board. In the case of perennials, simply install the gutters directly on the ground to ensure that they will last for several years.

Water drainage remains unchanged even when using gutters this way. Holes were drilled into the gutter (about ¼”) as well as into the wooden board (from ½” to 1”) approximately every 10 inches to allow any excess water to drain through the bottom. Without this step, the roots may eventually rot in standing water.

Choosing the right plants

Fine herbs, compact and always handy in the kitchen, are an excellent option for this project. There is plenty of choice: chives, thyme, rosemary, lemon balm, oregano, sage, just to name a few. We opted for purple basil, parsley and Vietnamese coriander.

In order to add a decorative and delicious touch to it, we put edible flowers such as marigold, pansies and French marigold, as well as nasturtium to add a spicy kick to our planter.

Be careful with the flowers you use though as they are not for everyone. Make sure you do not have contraindications if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have liver problems, allergies or use medicinal drugs. Eat edible flowers only.

Feel free to try new combinations based on your preferences. Why not try strawberries with flowers for improved pollination, or even a small hot pepper?

If you love coffee as much as we do at Alu-Rex, don’t waste this resource. It will do wonders to your landscaping. Drop a small amount of dry coffee grounds at the bottom to act as slug and snail repellent in addition to being an effective fertilizer. Don’t forget to leave enough space for each plant, otherwise they risk running out of space and requiring a lot more of watering.

You can now enjoy a new colorful space filled with tasty flavors!




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