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Broken windshields undoubtedly constitute the most visible kind of damage as a result of a hailstorm, which is still nothing when looking at these 2-inch (50 mm) hailstones that can destroy entire crops. Fortunately, our Canadian homes are generally well protected against this kind of weather. However, one part of our homes remains vulnerable to this scourge: roofs and gutters.

Once the 10-minute storm has passed, an owner’s first instinct would be to check their home for damages. Those who own an indoor garage for their vehicle will notice very few damages. Since gutters are higher, homeowners will likely find the rough shape their gutters are in only a few days after the storm.

Credit: Linda N.

Gutter systems equipped with spaced hangers or nails will most probably not withstand the impacts of multiple hailstones. As they are open, gutters will suffer the most damage from the inside. In the best-case scenario, thicker aluminum will reduce the shock. Nevertheless, it is also likely that the intensity of the storm will make your gutters collapse. Generally speaking, if the resulting leaks don’t bother you that much, the bumps on your gutters will. If such is the case, simple repairs won’t do the trick. The entire rainwater management system will need to be replaced.


By selecting the right gutter protection, you will avoid costly repairs not covered by insurance. The T-Rex® continuous hangerTM will not only protect you against hail but against snow and ice accumulations as well. The only thing left exposed to hailstones will be your car, which you can cover with bedspreads!

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