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rain-barrelIn recent years, rain barrels have become very popular. These easy-to-use containers let you recover rainwater that falls from the roof into the eavestroughs. Simply place one at the bottom of a rain gutter downspout and soon you’ll have water for outdoor chores, like washing the car or watering plants.

Protection from leaves and debris contained in the rain gutters’ water

In order to keep water free from debris and leaves, it’s important to filter it. Using leaf guards increases the effectiveness of the filtering screen across the mouth of the barrel by reducing the amount of debris that gets in the eavestroughs and flows down to the rain barrel.


Clog-free rain gutter downspouts

Leaf guards also keep your eavestroughs from clogging, which prevents rainwater collection altogether. In this way they improve the performance of your eavestroughs and maximize rainwater collection.


Whether installed by you or a professional, leaf guards make filtering your rain barrel easier and optimize the amount of water collected.

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