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fall-tree-lawnAs fall comes to an end and winter follows quickly on its heels, there are a few steps to take to prepare your property for the cold. Here are the main tasks that you must carry out to ensure that you start winter off on the right foot!

  • Empty out the motor oil in the lawnmower, lawn tractor, chainsaw and other motorized equipment used in the summer.
  • Store away or cover outdoor furniture and patio chairs.
  • Store away the BBQ or if you plan to use it all year long, move it to a spot protected from the snow.
  • Empty flower pots and window boxes because they can crack when the soil they contain freezes.
  • Detach hoses and store them away, drain the water from outdoor watering systems.
  • If you don’t have gutter protection, make sure that your rain gutters are cleaned properly so that they are debris-free.
  • Check that the snow blower is working properly and make sure to fill its oil tank.
  • Keep snow shovels and scrapers handy to have easy access when the first snow falls.

Depending on your property and landscape design, other tasks may also be required, such as marking out your property to facilitate the passage of a snow plow, turning off fountains, cascades or water ponds, and also, closing the swimming pool.

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