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Although they are an intricate part of the process, rain gutters are not usually considered as part of the exterior maintenance of a home. The have direct impacts both on your residence and surrounding property. Non-functional eavestroughs (clogged, broken, etc.) can lead to extreme damage that will require major and costly repair. Below are the main problems often associated with non-functional rain gutters.

Standing water close to the foundations

One of the many effects of a non-functional rain gutter is standing water on the property, especially in places where you don’t want it. Usually, efficient rain gutters will be equipped with downspouts that lead water to strategic areas on the property. However, clogged or perforated rain gutters will cause standing water around the residence. Not only does this not look good, it can also result in water infiltration in the foundations.

Water infiltration in the roof or foundations

Clogged or damaged eavestroughs can no longer serve their true purpose, which consists in diverting water from one location to another. Needless to say, there is a strong likelihood that water will seep through the fascia board, and then the roof. Furthermore, water may end up very near the foundations rather than being diverted away by rain gutter downspouts, which may lead to water infiltration in your home. To that effect, problems related to water infiltration should not be taken lightly as they can lead to serious damage to the foundations and the roof system.

Soil erosion around the rain gutter system

Too much water may cause soil erosion on your property. Although water is essential for a healthy soil, too much of it, namely water from the entire gutter system, will result in soil erosion. This may in turn expose part of the piping system or the foundations and could even lead to cave-ins that will damage your house. Consequently, when soil erosion becomes too much of a problem, you should contemplate excavation work to resolve the issue. In hindsight, homeowners will wish they had made sure to have functional and efficient rain gutters that divert water to strategic areas on the property rather than resorting to costly repair work in order to address problems related to soil erosion.

In conclusion, rain gutters have several advantages and it is important to perform any required repair work on them as well as to make sure that they are clean and not clogged if you want to avoid unexpected complications. To that end, rain gutter protection constitute a great way to improve the performance of eavestroughs, lower the likelihood of damage, and prevent debris from clogging your rain gutter. Gutter protection will also provide homeowners with the peace and quiet they deserve, especially if climbing up the roof to inspect the condition of their gutters is not an option. Adequate maintenance will save them the trouble.

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