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Are you looking to buy a house? If so, you should know that a yard is usually part of the deal! There are many advantages to having a yard, but also a number of drawbacks. The yard is often examined more quickly and less thoroughly than the actual house, and may nevertheless be a source of costly and complex problems. Here are the four key points to inspect before buying your dream home:

1- Drainage capacity and slope of the yard

Unless you visit the property when the snow is melting, you probably will not notice how water drains from the yard. The slope of the ground should be such that water drains away from the foundation and at least 6 feet from the house. If the opposite is true, water will flow towards the foundation, increasing the risk of water infiltration in the basement.

Moreover, if part of the yard is lower than the rest of the property, standing water is likely to accumulate after heavy rains, resulting in a wet lawn that is difficult to cut and use.

2- Trees near the house

In some cases, there may be trees growing too close to the house, garage or shed. Hiring a professional to prune these trees may involve substantial costs. A tree may be so problematic (roots too close to the building, disease, etc.) that it has to be removed, resulting in costs for the new owner. It is a good idea to seek the advice of a pruner and make room for the work in your budget before buying the property.

3- Poor quality or crumbling pavement and retaining walls

While they may look great at first glance, some landscaping elements may have been poorly maintained or simply poorly constructed. With regard to retaining walls in particular, it is important to check their quality as they are essential to keeping the yard in good condition. It is always best to have a landscaper assess the landscape structures of the property because, in some cases, the required repairs can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

4- Required maintenance for plants and landscaping

Often, when buying a home, landscaping plays a big role in our decision. However, you need to ask the right questions about the required maintenance. Some plants may need several expensive treatments in order to look the way they did when you first visited the property.

Similarly, maintaining the landscaping may be time consuming. If this is the case, you should be prepared to invest a good deal of time or hire a maintenance company to do the work for you!

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