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 Did you know? Your gutters release thousands of liters of water each year and are thus essential to keep all that water away from your home’s foundations. Without them, water would run down the walls and later seep into the ground, thereby forming cracks that could lead to water infiltration.

In that respect, quality gutters and installation performed by an expert will ensure your peace of mind. Over the past 40 years, Les Gouttières Charles Brochu Inc. has developed an impressive reputation as a very reliable company operating in the world of gutters.

Service that exceeds your expectations

Located in Lévis and serving residential, commercial as well as institutional customers alike, Les Gouttières Charles Brochu Inc. is the reference for anything related gutters, from sales to installation, including replacement and maintenance. The company can adapt to any type of architecture and its know-how ensures impeccable work suited to your needs.

Proud partner of Alu-Rex, and its reliable and durable products, since 2001, Les Gouttières Charles Brochu Inc. provides high-quality installation services performed by its “Elite” installers. Thanks to it workshop-trucks, your seamless gutters can be custom-made, on-site. The company guarantees work done in a clean and green manner. Consequently, once the work is completed, all debris will be collected and recycled.

Reliability is key to this company. It offers authentic and innovative service. In addition to being CAA-recommended, it has been the recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for 5 consecutive years. Les Gouttières Charles Brochu Inc. has one of the best warranties on the market, not to mention that this reputable company offers exceptional after-sales service.

A wide range of products

The company provides a full range of products and colors, in aluminum, steel or copper. In a concern for aesthetics, gutters are designed to perfectly complement your home. Les Gouttières Charles Brochu Inc. is constantly evolving and is now offering large 6-inch gutters in addition to its standard 5-inch counterparts. Les Gouttières Charles Brochu Inc. is also a certified expert for the installation of the T-Rex™ system and other types of gutter protection.

It is always possible that you go purchase accessories for your gutters to their office / warehouse in Lévis and  a sales advisor can come and meet you at your home on request for a free, no obligation quote. The company counts among its satisfied clients IGA des Sources, Manoir de Beaumont, Wendake Hotel and Entourage sur-le-Lac Hotel. It goes without saying that Les Gouttières Charles Brochu Inc. is the obvious choice when it comes to gutters.


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