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Following requests by installers demanding greater amounts of protection against heavy ice and snowfall, Alu-Rex’s research and development team has created a Continuous Hanger combining maximum sturdiness and ease of use.

Unparalleled Eavestrough Integrity

Retaining the same design features that made T-Rex M-5200 the industry standard, M-5221 offers an innovative mix of strength and versatility, making it your newest high performance tool against icefalls and build-ups. M-5221 is manufactured using 0.021’’ thick aluminum, a material grade previously only used for T-Rex M-5800 XL, effectively making it a hybrid between our two flagship products.

Try the new T-Rex M-5221 Continuous Hanger, and reach new heights in terms of robustness, without compromising on the design qualities, product effectiveness, and ease of installation that you can only expect from Alu-Rex products.

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