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Installing a gutter can be worrisome for new homeowners. This task may seem simple, but it can still lead to complications if it’s not performed appropriately. In such cases, the safest and most comforting option is to hire professionals. In the Ottawa region, Ottawa Precision Eavestroughing is a team of seasoned experts in the field of gutters, gutter protection, soffit, fascia and siding.

Ottawa Precision Eavestroughing : A family affair

The Maisonneuve family business totals over 50 years of experience in sales, gutter systems and related installations. The company operates in the residential and commercial sectors. Thanks to the diversity of its services and its efficiency, it is a trusted co   mpany in Eastern Ontario.

To its owners and staff, customer satisfaction and fair services is what matters most; clients come first. This is what separates them from other businesses. In addition to top-of-the-line products and dedicated employees, the company is committed to customer satisfaction.

Important achievements

First of all, Minto Communities, one of the largest contracting companies in the Ottawa region, decided to trust Ottawa Precision Eavestroughing for the installation of the gutters when included in its real estate projects.

The Maisonneuve’s have also recently completed the two-year Domicile project, which consisted in installing gutters, soffit, fascia and siding for a dozen condo units under construction.

Domicile Project

Furthermore, Ottawa Precision is involved with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Foundation helping thousands of sick children in the region. These experts provided and installed gutters at no charge as part of the CHEO Make A Wish Home projects in partnership with Minto Communities.

Make a Wish Home

Trusted products

Since January 2011, Ottawa Precision Eavestroughing has been offering its clients Alu-Rex products, such as the T-Rex. It was easy for the Maisonneuve’s to trust Alu-Rex as the latter offers the most reliable, sturdy and durable products on the market. By combining the outstanding service and personnel of the Ontario company with Alu-Rex’s continuous hangers, safety and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.

Moreover, Ottawa Precision Eavestroughing has been a certified Alu-Rex ELITE installer since the program was launched 2 years ago. This certification is yet another indicator of confidence as employees were trained according to Alu-Rex’s quality standards for the installation of T-Rex gutters.

The family business relies on the diversity of its services and unmatched professionalism in the Ottawa region. For homeowners who wish to perform this kind of project and don’t have the necessary skill set to undertake such a feat, Ottawa Precision Eavestroughing is the ideal solution for peace of mind.

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