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Potted_plants_herbs-chihuahuaPotted plants can completely transform the look of your yard and are an easy way to add a special touch to your lawn or patio. An interesting twist on standard planting, potted plants offer structure and versatility. The main benefit of using pots is that plants can be moved easily, as you need or wish.

Which plants can be potted?

Many kinds of plants can be potted. Flowers, small trees and even small bushes are all perfectly suited to pots. Nevertheless, be sure to pay special attention to climate as the plants most likely to flourish in pots are the same as those doing well in flowerbeds.


What type of pots should I use?

Choose pots that are large enough to contain the roots of the plant, but small enough to be moved easily. We also recommend opting for pots with a bottom hole designed for water drainage. This will prevent plants from rotting. There are different models of pots available to complement your style and landscape design.

Where should I put my potted plants?

Once potted, flowers or small trees should be placed in strategic locations around your yard to showcase your landscape design. Generally speaking, potted plants look great by the door, on patios or decks, by the pool and near flowerbeds.

Use these tips to artfully adorn your yard with flowerpots!

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