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Several signs indicate that you may have water problems near your home foundations. Water falling directly near home foundations is not an issue to be taken lightly as it can lead to awful black lines on the ground, rotten window frames, water infiltration into the basement, or termite and ant problems. However, landscaping can greatly contribute to reducing risks of damage related to rain water.

Reduce the amount of mulch in flower beds

As is the case with compost and soil, mulch holds moisture. It can act as a sponge against your residence and become a source of water retention, increasing the risks of experiencing rain water problems. Reducing the amount of mulch deposited in flower beds near your foundations represents a simple and effective solution.

Add a stone border against your home foundations

Homeowners have the additional option of installing a border of crushed stones against their home foundations. This solution will not only drain rain water and ensure a dry zone around the foundation, it will also help prevent fires.

Prevent water problems without changing the landscaping

If neither of the above options are appealing to you, it is also possible to prevent water problems without changing the landscaping. This solution consists in making sure that your gutters work properly and that the downspouts discharge water more than six feet away from the foundations. A gutter protection system will reduce the risks of gutter clogging, which will also prevent water from spilling near the foundations. In cases where water doesn’t fall far enough from the foundations, a downspout extension will allow you to redirect water to the desired location.

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