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Like many of the surprises that can catch homeowners unawares, when it comes to water infiltration, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The roof, windows, and foundation are critical zones where water can seep into your home. By performing a thorough inspection, you can reduce the risk of water seepage.

Verifying the roofing of the house

Repair or replace damaged or missing shingles.
Remove built-up snow or ice—it can add significant weight to the roof.
Avoid walking on the roof—you may damage it.
Trim trees—make sure they don’t rub against the roof and branches and leaves don’t fall on it.
Clean out gutters on a regular basis—when debris collects in them, there’s a strong likelihood of blockage, and of rainwater rising toward the fascia and roof.

Inspecting the home’s windows

Remove snow from around basement windows—when it thaws, water can seep into the house there.
Make sure skylights are watertight—they are often a main source of water seepage.
Remove leaves and debris from window wells—they prevent water from draining properly.
Check weather stripping around windows—water can seep in if it is cracked.

Checking the house foundation

Check for cracks—any opening wider than 1/8″ (0.32 cm) is likely to cause serious water seepage problems.
Clean out the gutters—this prevents them from clogging and overflowing, causing excess water to flow near the foundation.
Make sure downspouts direct water away from the foundation—you can add a downspout extension, if needed, to divert water away from the house so it doesn’t seep into the foundation.
Landscape your yard so water runs away from the house—a slight slope over the first six feet (1.83 meters) around the foundation is usually enough to prevent water seepage.
Check the condition of paths, patios, and driveways—when depressions form, water can begin to flow towards the house.
Have trees pruned—their roots can damage the foundation. Trees should ideally be planted at least 16.5 feet (5 meters) from the foundation.

All these points need to be checked to ensure your roof, windows, and foundation show no signs of water infiltration. Your home represents a big investment that’s worth protecting. Remember, proper maintenance is a lot less costly and troublesome than repairs after the fact.

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