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At Alu-Rex, we know that our products are reliable and we are committed to client satisfaction. This is why we offer the best available warranty on the market, period. Here’s what you can expect when purchasing our products:


Warranty on manufacturing:

Thanks to their rugged and sturdy design, we can assure you that Alu-Rex products will remain in good condition, namely with respect to manufacturing and material quality. When one of our products is installed by professionals, we guarantee that it is free of manufacturing defects. The T-Rex® and the T-Rex® XL both come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing and the Gutter Clean System® comes with a 40-year warranty.

Warranty on durability:

We know that weather extremes and bad weather are the main enemies of any gutter protection system. We have thus designed our products to avoid this problem and guarantee that they will not warp. Actually, the T-Rex® will even make your gutters sturdier. When installed according to our specifications, you can be sure that your gutters will get through any harsh winters thrown at them. The T-Rex® XL as well as the T-Rex® come with a lifetime warranty on sturdiness.


Warranty on performance:

In addition to being sturdy and resistant, gutters equipped with our protection systems will remain clog-free, we guarantee it. Our products prevent obstructions and overflow caused by debris jams (leaves, twigs, thorns or samaras) inside gutters or downspouts. According to independent testing, it was found that, for optimal performance, the diameter of the perforated holes must be 7/64 in. (2.8 mm) in order to adequately prevent debris from getting in while allowing water to flow through. To that end, any opening that is larger in size, such as an overlap, a corner or any other opening, should be sealed at all times. The Gutter Clean System® and the T-Rex® come with a 40-year warranty on performance and the T-Rex® XL comes with a lifetime warranty.


Alu-Rex is: more than 15 years of expertise, 200 million linear feet of products sold around the world, virtually no complaints and the most complete warranty on the market! Do what thousands of satisfied customers have done before you and contact us right away.

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