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Slowly making their way onto Canadian soil, rain chains are far from being new in existence. Formerly known in Japan as kusari doi, rain chains have been around for quite some time and are being used both for temples and houses in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Rain chains uses

As such, rain chains constitute an alternative to traditional downspouts. They are as functional as the latter and are also used to lead rainwater from the eavestrough to the soil. They are often used in combination with a rain barrel or a small basin that will collect the water dripping down the chain.


Integration to landscaping

Both a treat to the eyes and the ears, they will bring a Zen atmosphere to your landscape design architecture. They come in a wide range of models (cups, chains, rings, flowers, etc.) and are made of various materials (copper, bamboo, aluminum, etc.) to match the design of your residence or garden.

Installation on eavestroughs

Rain chains are available online or in several specialty stores, they can be easily installed on existing or new rain gutters. A leaf guard will enhance their look even more as dead leaves and debris won’t fill the eavestroughs before falling down the rain chains. Here is yet another alternative that will allow you to appreciate your rain gutters as much as the landscape design of the property!

Stores providing Rain Chain:

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