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Insurance companies that offer home insurance often advise policy holders on how to better protect their residence against potential damage. When it comes to water infiltration, insurance companies are unanimous: it is paramount to make sure that your eavestroughs work properly at all times in order to avoid water that seeps through to the roof system or that falls near the foundations.

Clogged gutters that lead to water infiltration

Dead leaves and debris can end up clogging downspouts, thereby preventing them from working properly. This causes water to fall near the foundations as gutters overflow with potential water infiltration in the fascia board or the roof system. In order to avoid such problems, it is recommended to clean your gutters on a regular basis or to fasten a leaf guard to them to prevent clogging inside the eavestroughs.

Organizations promoting the prevention of water infiltration

Below is a list of Canadian insurance companies and of companies specialized in the housing sector that specifically mention in their corporate documentation the importance of having rain gutters that work efficiently at all times so as to prevent water infiltration:

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