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T-Rex Continuous Hanger

Whether you are undertaking a property construction project or need to replace your current gutters, you have everything to gain by discovering Alu-Rex’s T-RexMD. This concept is an innovative, proven technology as well as a strategic and optimal investment to protect your home from the whims of Mother Nature.

What is the T-Rex continuous hangerMC

Now recognized as one of the best gutter systems available on the market, the concept behind the T-Rex continuous hanger from Alu-Rex features three technologies in one product. The Winter-Shield, Roll-Back and Alu-Perf concepts are all innovative components that make these gutters efficient, practical and reliable. These gutters don’t use nails or seams and are fifty times stronger than standard gutters.

T-Rex continuous hanger features and benefits

Thanks to the Winter-Shield concept, the continuous hanger’s membrane is made of aluminum, this prevents any rust from appearing and protects the eavestroughs from the weight of snow and ice.

As for the Roll-Back concept, it consists of a retention pond designed to avoid overflows, even during heavy rainfall. With a 755-millimeter retention capacity, rainwater run-offs and melting snow flow in a smooth and efficient manner.

The third technology built into the T-Rex continuous hanger is the Alu-Perf concept, a set of 2.8-millimeter perforated holes on the entire length of the T-Rex, allowing for an optimal debris/drainage ratio. Even with a surface obstructed at 80% by various debris, these gutters can easily evacuate any outpour. In addition, the membrane cleans itself with the blowing wind. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning chores!

Any reason for opting for the T-Rex continuous hanger is a good reason

Gutters equipped with the T-Rex continuous hanger will never rust, do not deform, stay firmly attached and do not collapse, even under the heavy weight of snow and ice. Since debris remains on top of the gutter, water flows freely when the snow melts. Say goodbye to overflows and deformations caused by snow accumulation and the expansion of ice inside the eavestrough.

T-Rex gutters are sturdy, closed and seamless, thereby protected against the presence of leaves, debris, snow, ice, and external pressures (e.g. a ladder) that could cause gutters to deform, become worn and break.

Clear benefits of the T-Rex

Thanks to the three technologies combined into the T-Rex gutter, the risk of water infiltration in the roof and home foundations, overflows, slabs of ice or the accumulation of water on the ground, rotting fascias and cleaning chores are now a thing of the past.

T-Rex also available in carbon black

All these features and benefits make for a winning combination as well as for a sound and profitable investment. It goes without saying that if you are looking for a hassle-free solution next time you are shopping for new gutters, the T-Rex continuous hanger is by far the most attractive option on the market. It’s definitely a long-term investment.



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