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Two roof panels that meet to form a valley can often cause homeowners serious headaches. This junction referred to as “ roof valleys ” is always overlooked until the first heavy rains of the season. That’s when new homeowners realize that heavy rain water concentrated in a single area can sometimes cause the inner corners of a gutter to overflow.

This explains why it is essential to have an adequate gutter system that can drain that much water. Incidentally, the inner corners of the T-Rex® continuous hangerMC are designed for that purpose with twice as many perforated holes. These prefabricated corners come with two times the quantity of holes than there are in the T-Rex membrane, which is already being designed to withstand any outpour.


Extra Precaution: Water Deflectors

Valleys collecting very large amounts of rain water can cause gutters to become completely useless if they are not equipped with a water deflector. Roof valleys can generate such a flow that it can literally roll over your gutters and eventually dig a hole into your flower beds. Water deflectors act as a wall that stops rain water and redirects it in the gutter system.

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Unless the water that flows off your roof is an integral part of your landscaping concept, it is highly recommended that you pay particular attention to roof valleys when installing your gutters.

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