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RX Premium is two young contractors who have joined their talents in order to offer superior quality services, both for exterior siding and for gutter installation. RX Premium is already well-established in the industry just one year after its start-up and is still growing. Both owners have shared the same vision and goals for expansion year after year.

A Company with Strong Values

Company values are first and foremost: respect for customers and their environment. The reliability of team members and attention to detail ensure quality work while respecting deadlines. What distinguishes RX Premium from other companies, according to Randy Pantaloni, co-owner, is “courteous, honest and professional customer service so that all our customers feel well-supported and reassured to do business with our team.”


Personalized Service and Nothing Else

RX Premium specializes in gutter installation services and exterior finishing and moves directly to customers to provide a personalized service. They will take the time to meet you to prepare a quote that will be appropriate to your needs and at no cost.  Rx Premium takes care of its customers. “We think a customer should be served just as would like to be served,” says Randy, company co-owner.

Alu-Rex Products for Exemplary Reliability

In terms of gutter protection, the company has been installing Alu-Rex products since their beginnings a year ago. The entire team is very satisfied, especially with product durability as well as ease of installation. Whether it’s the T-Rex continuous hanger or the DoublePro Microfiltration Continuous Hanger, the entire range is covered with the best warranties on the market.  Rx Premium is proud to install this range of products manufactured in Quebec that will protect your gutters year-round.

Powerful Word of Mouth

“We are proud of all the projects we have accomplished, says Mr. Pantaloni. “Seeing the satisfaction in the eyes of each of our customers is really one of the most beautiful aspects of our business. We’re happy to be able to offer a quality service to each of our clients. Our greatest achievement is to build a company that reflects our image and values, to see that people are proud of our work and refer us on various platforms is extremely rewarding.”

To learn more about Rx Premium visit their website and their Facebook page.

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