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Stephan and Alex decided to become business partners in 2017. Both wished to become contractors and this is how Solution Gouttières et aluminium was born. Two seasons later, the company is steadily growing. Both owners have the same vision and their ultimate goal over time is to expand.

A company in Solution Mode

Stephan, one of the owners, says that what makes Solution Gouttières et aluminium stand out from the competition is that they do the work as if it were their own home: “ Attention to detail is important to us” and added, “the quality of the work that is done is certainly a factor, as well as customer service: we’re always in solution mode.” This vision is also very much appreciated by customers.

Expansion: A Short-Term Objective

Solutions Gouttières et aluminium installs seamless gutters directly to customers. Their main suppliers allow them to offer a wide-range of products and colours. They also install fascia, soffit and exterior cladding such as vinyl, aluminum and wood. The company is also able to perform the necessary work for cornice problems such as rot and obstruction. They are able to do the necessary work to restore your building to its full value.

In their second season, both owners claim to have almost reached the limit of their current equipment because the company is growing rapidly. In the coming years, their goal is to have several teams of installers who will pay the same attention to detail. This will provide a great challenge for these two contractors.

Discovery of Alu-Rex Products

Stephan and Alex became familiar with Alu-Rex products towards the end of their first season in 2017, following a customer’s requirement for M-5300 Gutter Guard for existing gutters. They immediately adopted it and since then, the majority of their gutter contracts are equipped with T-Rex M-5200.

Solution Gouttières et aluminum recommends T-Rex to all its customers due to its many benefits. Whether in terms of warranty, almost non-existent maintenance for customers, easy installation (increased length) due to gutter strength, not to mention Alu-Rex team support, the benefits of Alu-Rex products are undeniable.

The Story on Richmond Street

It’s hard to forget Richmond Street, where they completed more than five contracts, one of which they are particularly proud of. Stephan spoke of the event: “While we were finishing the gutters of her neighbour, an Asian woman who had difficulty speaking in English, asked me for a quote to clean her gutters. The gutters were in a terrible state; nailed gutters that had probably never been cleaned. I explained that cleaning would be impossible due to their fragility. We finally replaced all the gutters with T-Rex M-5200. We also replaced her treated wood deck with an aluminum capped deck with fiberglass flooring and aluminum railings, with the intention of remaining in zero maintenance mode, and completed some minor indoor repairs. We were very proud to have gone from a simple cleaning request to all this work. In addition, this woman referred us to her family members.”

If you would like to learn more about Solutions Gouttières et aluminium, check out their website and Facebook page.


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