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Especially in spring and summer, you may find that your basement is damp or that water is accumulating in certain areas. This situation is very problematic and should be resolved quickly. In order to address this issue, you must first identify the cause as it will determine the right solution.

Rainwater seeping into the foundation

Most cases of water seepage into the basement are caused by rainwater that is not directed away from the home. The risk of water seeping into the foundation is especially high when gutters or downspouts are clogged or otherwise unable to drain water effectively.

If this is the case, it is very important to unclog the gutters. Using a gutter guard can go a long way towards preventing the problem from recurring. You should also make sure that the water discharged by downspouts is directed away from your home. To do this, your lawn should be landscaped in such a way that water slides away from your home over a distance of at least six feet, without accumulating on the ground.

Condensation in the basement

Condensation occurs when warm, damp air comes into contact with cold foundations or uninsulated pipes. This gives rise to wet spots on the ground, water droplets everywhere and various other damp areas.

To address this problem, reduce the humidity in the basement by opening a window, turning on a fan or installing a dehumidifier. If the condensation is due to cold water pipes, it is advised to insulate them. We also recommend against storing wet materials (wet clothes, wood, etc.) in the basement.

Water penetration due to a high water table

In some cases, if the foundation was dug very close to a water table, the porous soil around the foundation may let water into the basement by capillary action.

This is a complex issue that often requires hiring a team of professionals. Possible solutions include sealing off your foundation or installing a pump.

Whatever the cause of moisture in your basement, the problem will need to be addressed, not only to eliminate the risks of mold growth, but also to maintain the value of your home.

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