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From time to time, downspouts may lead water too close to the foundations, which may become a serious issue as it drastically increases the likelihood of water infiltration in the foundations. In addition to potentially destroying your plant beds. Resolve this issue by leading water farther away from your residence.

Rain gutter downspout extension

A simple and affordable alternative consists in installing a downspout extension, which you can find at any good retail store. In addition to being an easy install, the extension will allow you to direct water to the desired area. You may choose from a wide variety of models. That way, you’ll make sure that your downspout blends in well with your landscape design.

Another option would be to contact a professional installer who, depending on the situation, may change the location of the downspout.

Foundation drain

You might also be able to direct water to the foundation drain. This type of drainage system can be found in most properties and leads water to the municipal sewage system or a trench. Make sure to check with your municipality first as this practice is actually illegal in a number of cities. Not to mention the problems that may arise if the drain gets clogged. In such a case, water is likely to overflow resulting in serious water damage in the basement. If you go with this option, make sure to install gutter protection as it will help prevent the drain from getting clogged by debris sent down the gutter. As you can see, this solution is not the most recommended as it often leads to major problems. We even suggest removing downspouts leading to the foundation drain, if any, in this case.

Percolating well

You can also dig a percolating well, which consists in filling a hole with rocks, covering it with geotextile, filling it again with soil and covering it with grass. This will allow collecting rainwater so that it can be absorbed slowly thereafter. Although very efficient, this alternative is both time-consuming and costly.

In conclusion, a percolating well is an awesome solution that can be costly in the end as it involves digging. Asking a professional installer whether it’s possible to relocate the downspout is also a very good idea. Otherwise, using a downspout extension is quick and affordable, and will allow you to direct water farther away from home foundations.

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