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When purchasing a home, new owners want their house to look as good from the outside as it does inside. To that end, Alu-Rex is now offering the T-Rex continuous hanger in carbon black. The perfect solution for homeowners looking to match a dark continuous fastening system to dark gutters.

Why opt for the carbon black T-Rex Continous Hanger ?

The carbon black T-Rex fits better with certain gutter colors, which in turn allows the gutter guard to blend in with the design.

At first glance, the color of gutter protection doesn’t seem to have any impact on or feature any advantage for a property. This is not true. A carbon black system will allow you to hide dark stains, such as small rocks or dirt, as well as asphalt granules. If your gutters can be seen from the 1st floor, they will look nicer and cleaner than they would in a light color or without protection.

Compared to the original T-Rex Continuous Hanger ?

The carbon black T-Rex is similar to the original T-Rex. It comes in a 5-inch fastening system model and remains the most popular continuous hanger on the gutter market. All Alu-Rex products come with a lifetime warranty on labor and durability, and this one is no exception.

Alu-Rex has also manufactured outside corners, high-flow inside corners and access panels that match new carbon black gutters.

Benefits of the T-Rex from Alu-Rex

The T-Rex is made of aluminum, which is the most durable material on the market. This gutter equipped with a continuous hanger is also the sturdiest in the industry, hence the lifetime warranty. This system is easy to maintain, looks good, does not warp during freeze-thaw activity and prevents water infiltration in the roof and home foundations.

As for the warranty, the T-Rex also comes with a 40-year no-clog warranty.

Alu-Rex’s T-Rex continuous hanger is the most reliable on the market. Now available in carbon black, it suits all tastes without compromising the quality of the product. Looking for both good looks and efficiency? Alu-Rex has the perfect solution: the carbon black T-Rex.

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