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When shopping for gutters for a new property, several options are available to consumers. Each manufacturer sells a different product. Which is the most effective, the most practical and the most reliable?

Alu-Rex breaks new ground in the field of eavestroughs with the T‑Rex continuous hangerTM. The latter comes with four technologies ready to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws its way, regardless of the season. These are the Winter-Shield, Roll-Back, Dura-Clean and Alu-Perf technologies.

Winter-Shield, for heavy-duty support

The Winter-Shield technology is applied at the bottom of the continuous hanger. In this case, the material used is obviously aluminum as it does not rust and is highly resistant. Therefore, freeze-thaw activity and the weight of snow won’t warp it. Its sturdiness allows preventing any damage that could be done to your home due to harsh winter conditions. Compared to other gutters, the T-Rex fastening system won’t be affected by repeated freezing and thawing.

Roll-back, acts as a retention pond

The Roll-Back technology was designed to prevent gutters from overflowing and causing water infiltration due to heavy downpours. It was designed to set your mind at ease. Indeed, even when the gutter is cluttered at 80% of its capacity, it can still drain 321 mm of water, thereby eliminating any risk of overflow. And when the gutter is not clogged, we’re talking about a 755 mm water drainage efficiency. With thunderstorms generating 50 mm of water on average, you can rule out unpleasant surprises thanks to the T-Rex’s Roll-Back technology.

Alu-PerfTM, just the right amount of perforated holes

Furthermore, the T-Rex gutter system is fitted with a leaf guard. It is equipped with the Alu-Perf technology, which consists of small 2.8 mm holes along the entire length of the leaf guard. These perforations allow for an ideal debris/drainage ratio. Combined with the Roll-Back technology, these can drain any record downpour, even with a leaf guard clogged at 80% of its capacity to boot. As a bonus, the leaf guard cleans itself with the blowing wind.

Dura-CleanTM, gets rid of water droplets

When designing its continuous hanger system, Alu-Rex even thought of its looks for the long term. As water flows in the gutter, it picks up dirt along the way before reaching the ground. In the case of more traditional models, dirt will leave tiger stripes on the outside of the gutter. That is why the T-Rex XL is equipped with the Dura-Clean technology. This innovation is called a drip edge; i.e., an aluminum edge installed along the length of the gutter that does not let dirt collect into the gutter but rather sends it directly to the ground. Consequently, the gutter stays as attractive as when you bought it and requires much less maintenance.

Alu-Rex’s T-Rex continuous hanger is the ultimate combination of efficiency, reliability and self-management. Its technologies are well balanced for enhanced performance in the face of the changing seasons.

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