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Because all good things must come to an end, summer eventually gives way to fall, and then winter. Start the colder season off right by carrying out these final essential tasks.

1- Repair your asphalt driveway

Has your driveway seen better days? The end of summer is the perfect time to make repairs, for winter only adds to the driveway’s wear and tear. Instead of finding your driveway beyond repair next spring, take this last opportunity to look after it.

2- Reinforce your stone steps

If you have stone or brick steps leading up to your home, it is important to fill any cracks to reduce the risk of accidents once snow and ice cover the ground.

3- Refresh your mortar foundations

Although it may not be essential, the way your foundations look adds a little something extra to the appearance of your home. In the fall, foundations are more exposed when all the trees and bushes are bare. Summer’s end is the best time to refresh mortar foundations and enhance your home’s exterior.


4- Build a fence around your yard

Once all the leaves have fallen, property lines are often more exposed than they are during the summer. Erecting a fence is a great way to preserve the privacy of your yard year-round. It is important to start this kind of project before the ground freezes, as posts must be well anchored to ensure the fence’s sturdiness.

Pull out your tools! Now is the time to carry out these steps before enjoying fall’s beautiful colours.

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