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Clogged-rain-gutter-eavestroughDue to Canada’s drastic seasonal changes, a certain amount of preparation is required. Because the winter cold and snow can cause problems, here are a few things to do before the end of fall.

1- Check your rain gutters

Leaves are very pretty when they adorn the trees, but less so when they fill up your gutters. If your gutters are not secured with a continuous hanger or equipped with a gutter guard, then they must be cleaned to ensure water is drained effectively. Obstructions can be a cause of costly leaks in your home’s foundations or roof.

2- Put away patio furniture

While it may be tempting to leave your patio set outside year-round, it is best to store patio furniture for the winter to extend its lifespan. Simply clean each item, then store in a place protected from the elements.

3- Cut off the water to outdoor taps

Your water supply to outdoor taps should be cut off and emptied before the first freeze. Watering hoses and other accessories should also be put into storage.

4- Measure the slope of your yard

Fall is the best time to measure the slope of your yard as the water from melting snow should be moving away from your home. Make sure the angle of the slope is at least five degrees (e.g., your yard should be 1 foot higher starting at your home if you are 20 feet from the street) to direct water away from the foundations, thereby preventing infiltration.

5- Prune tree branches

To keep trees healthy and ready to grow again in the spring, it is best to cut dead branches when trees still have leaves. This makes dead branches easier to identify.

6- Get your chimney ready for winter

Your chimney and fireplace should be inspected before heavy use come winter. In addition, the chimney should be swept in the fall if this was not done in the spring.

You are now ready to face the cold winter days ahead!

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