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Fall-colors-treesOne of the joys of fall is watching the leaves change before having to face the cold of winter. Take full advantage of the view without leaving the comfort and warmth of your home by choosing plants and trees that will ensure spectacular colours come fall.

Maple: a symbol of fall

The maple is a classic when it comes to fall colours. Producing a mix of burnt orange, bright yellow and fire red, maple leaves beautify any yard. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, maple trees fit easily into any landscaping design.

Ginkgo: a splash of yellow

Come fall, ginkgo leaves turn a vibrant yellow. These fan-shaped leaves are accented with bronze, which automatically lends a pop of colour to your yard.

Witch Hazel: a fragrant and colourful choice

Witch hazel also turns bright yellow in the fall. However, this tree also offers fragrant yellow flowers late in the season. Its stunning colour and pleasant aroma make witch hazel an excellent choice!

Sweet Gum: a touch of red

The clear winner in terms of adding a touch of autumn red, the sweet gum’s rapid growth will help you achieve your landscaping goals more quickly. Furthermore, its leaves stay on the branches longer than other varieties, giving you more time to enjoy them.

Cornus sericea: a multipurpose tree

Not only does it offer stunning red leaves in the fall, the cornus sericea also produces pretty red berries that attract various birds in the summer. In addition, the red leaf stalks continue to provide a pop of colour after the leaves have fallen.

Did you know? Fall is the best season to plant trees because the cool, moist ground makes it easier for them to take root. It’s a great time to think about which trees will best lend colour to your yard next year!

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