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Wet_humid_ceiling_water_infiltrationProblems caused by moisture in the basement can become major issues if not addressed promptly. Indeed, moisture that goes unnoticed in the basement can result in unpleasant odours and warped floors. Here are a few tricks to avoid this problem.

1- Check for Broken Pipes and Drain Issues

The first thing to do is to constantly be on the lookout for any hint of moisture in the basement. If you detect the slightest sign of moisture or rot, it is important that you check for cracked or broken pipes. Additionally, make sure all drains are functional.

2- Make Sure that you have Adequate Ventilation

Ventilation plays a key role in preventing moisture from appearing in the basement. Ventilation is especially important in that portion of the house as it is a confined space. Furthermore, adding a dehumidifier as well as a condensate pump will help reduce the presence of moisture in the basement.

Applying these simple tricks along with a proactive attitude such as diverting water away from your home with downspout extensions and creating a land slope that directs water to the street will greatly improve your chances of stopping moisture from invading your basement.

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