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Not all gutter protection systems are created equal! Depending on your needs and where you live, certain models will help efficiently drain rainwater via the gutters.

Metal brush gutter protection

The brush-type leaf guard is designed to be placed in the gutter, under the spikes or hangers. The way this leaf guard works is that debris gets caught in the many bristles of the brush while water can flow through freely. However, this product is specially designed for places where the debris that ends up in the gutters is very large. Small leaves, maple seeds, asphalt shingle granules, and conifer needles cannot efficiently be kept out of the gutter. This type of debris therefore gets into gutters and quickly causes clogging.

Foam gutter guards


Certain models of gutter protection are made of foam. The objective of this type of leaf guard is to keep debris on top of the foam while water can easily flow into the gutter through the foam. However, the debris tends to accumulate in large quantity on top of the foam and remain there. Over time, the leaves and other organic debris will rot, which is not a very attractive look on your eavestroughs. In addition, if you get lots of maple seeds (helicopters), it is not unusual for many to sprout roots in the foam and then grow.

Flexible mesh screen


The main advantage of flexible screening that comes in a roll is the very low purchase cost. Although this is the least expensive product, it is also the least sturdy and least efficient. It’s hard to install and keep securely in place, and debris has little trouble filling the gutters despite this screening. In addition, snow and ice easily collapse it, which means it has to be put back into place every spring.

Perforated plastic leaf guard


Perforated plastic gutter protection is a solution designed for keeping large debris out of gutters. As the holes are usually quite large, they are meant to keep the leaves on top of the gutter protection. It is therefore ideal for a home that has only relatively large debris. However, when there are conifers, asphalt shingle granules, or pollen in the area, it is best to choose a product with small perforations.

Inverted curve gutter protection

Leaf guards with an inverted curve usually keep the water in the gutter. Efficient draining of the water is possible with this type of gutter cover. However, it will be necessary to keep the surface clean as dust and debris sticking to the surface will reduce the capacity of the water to follow the curve and flow into the gutter.

Perforated metal products


Gutter protection products made of metal are sturdier and more resistant than those made of plastic. Thus, homes located in regions that have heavy snow falls should be equipped with metal gutter protection. These will keep snow from getting into the gutter and preventing proper water flow. Furthermore, they make it possible to reduce the effect of ice expansion in the gutters, thus increasing gutter service life.

Plastic micro-mesh gutter protection



Micro-mesh allows the drainage of all debris, regardless of its size. Thus, this type of leaf guard is ideal where asphalt shingle granules, conifer needles, pollen and maple seeds (helicopters) regularly find their way into gutters. Micro-mesh will keep all such debris out of the gutter, thus allowing efficient drainage of water and reducing the maintenance required, as there will no longer be any clogging.

Metal micro-mesh leaf guards



Offering the same advantages as plastic, metal micro-mesh gutter protection is much stronger. It therefore offers optimal filtering of debris in addition to being very sturdy. It is a product designed to withstand the hardships of winter by effectively holding up under the weight of snow and ice.

Continuous hanger for new gutters


When you install new gutters, it is possible to combine gutter protection and installation system in a single product: the continuous hanger. As it is both a fastening system that makes it possible to replace spikes and hangers AND a leaf guard, the continuous hanger makes gutters sturdier. Instead of being supported every 12 to 15 inches, the continuous hanger secures the gutter over its entire length. It is therefore the strongest and best-designed product to withstand the hardships of winter.

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