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For ultra durable and clog-free rain gutters

The no. 1 choice of rain gutter installers!


Closed gutters

T-Rex prevents debris from clogging gutters and causing water to overflow and seep into your roof and foundation.


Sturdy gutters

T-Rex helps gutters last longer by preventing damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle and the weight of snow.

Proven technology

Watch the video to find out why over a million homes are protected by Alu-Rex!

Watch a video of T-Rex technology in action


The best gutter protection on the market

Gutters that use the T-Rex system are closed and seamless. Unlike gutters installed with nails or hooks, which are left open and exposed, gutters equipped with T-Rex continuous hangers are solid and protected from leaves, debris, snow, and ice.

Alu-Rex is so confident in the effective, proven T-Rex system that it’s the only rain gutter hanger to come with a 40-year clog-free warranty.

Just a small additional investment will increase gutter life and help protect them against damage caused by heavy snowfall and ice expansion inside the gutter. In addition to requiring much less maintenance, your gutters will flow smoothly year-round, ensuring that water doesn’t get under the roof or too close to your home’s foundation.


Go to the comparative table to compare the various fastening systems available on the market for aluminum gutters.


Installing new T-Rex gutters reduces:

  • The risk of breakage and warping caused by snow and ice
  • Water seepage in the roof and foundation
  • Ice patches on the ground
  • The spread of insects
  • Warping caused by ladders and branches
  • Backups caused by leaves and other objects
  • The need to remove leaves and debris to clear gutters
  • Rotting debris in gutters
  • The risks of using a ladder and moving on the roof