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Fact sheet

The T-Rex continuous hanger for eavestroughs, a unique, patented design.

The T-Rex hanger helps create a seamless structure that stands up to bending and twisting.

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Perforations alu-perf


The perfect balance between maximum drainage and debris protection.

The eavestroughs do not clog and have a 40-year warranty.

They drain 29.7 in. (755mm) of water an hour, according to independant tests.


Winter shield technology

Winter shield

Prevents damage caused by snow and ice.

Won't rust or wrap.

Allows water to drain through the rain gutter during a thaw, rather than causing water to infiltrate your home.

Prevents the eavestroughs from warping when ice thaws and refreezes inside of it.. 

Roll back technology

roll Back

Keeps water inside the evavetrough even during heavy rains.

No overflow, according to independants tests.


roll Back

T-Rex products attach the rain gutter to the home in 2 different ways.


  • Uniform support from end to end
  • Very strong
  • Invisible from the ground
  • Lifetime warranty on material and sturdiness
  • 40-year clog-free warranty


  • Uniform support from end to end
  • Extremely strong
  • Matches with the eavestrough when seen from inside the home
  • With Dura-clean technology
  • Lifetime warranty on material and sturdiness
  • Lifetime clog-free warranty

 Roll back technology

roll Back

Reduces the formation of unsighlty black streaks visible from the ground, thank to its integrated drip edge.

Available on T-Rex XL M-5800 model.



Ensures all sections are strong and leak-proof

The overlap prevent leaves and debris to penetrate in between the sections.

The overlap holds the sections tightly together.


Vis auto-scellante

Ensures the product is strong. It will stay in place, no need to remove it or replace it every year.

Reduces the risk of water infiltration into the fascia.

Galvanised screw with sealing rubber gasket.

Continuous snap-on rear

Repli continu

Attaches and hermetically seals the back of the eavestrough.

Prevents debris, leaves, snow and ice from clogging the eavestrough.


The T-Rex continuous hanger comes with perforations of 7/64” (2.8 mm) in diameter that can drain 29.7” (754 mm) of water per hour. It is made of 0.017” thick golden aluminum with a length of 7.5’. This continuous hanger is installed with self-sealing screws made of zinc #10 - 1½” with ¼” hexagon heads and integrated rubber gaskets.