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Alu-Rex > Rain gutter installation, protection and replacement

Rain gutter installation, protection and replacement

Professional-quality rain gutter leaf guard and revolutionary continous hangerTM

Alu-Rex has the largest network of professional installers in Canada.

Choose the T-Rex line of products when replacing your existing eavestroughs or installing new ones. When installing a leaf guard, choose from our Gutter Clean System line of products.


For ultra durable clog-free rain gutters


The T-Rex is a continuous fastening systemTM for eavestroughs. It mounts your rain gutters solidly on your home, making them much sturdier and more long-lasting that those mounted with spikes and hangers spaced at intervals. The T-Rex continuous fastening system protects your eavestroughs from damage caused by snow and ice.

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For the optimal rain gutter protection


The Gutter Clean System keeps leaves and debris from getting into and clogging the eavestroughs. It is installed by a professional, who will affix it over your existing rain gutters, without replacing them. Its sturdy aluminum construction and the debris protection it provides make it the most widely installed products in Canada.

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Consult our Product Selection Guide to see the difference between Alu-Rex's two lines of products.


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